Holiday Toy Drive - December 2017

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals. We aim to bring a little hope and humanity to those getting on their feet following a natural disaster. Your generous donation of any amount will fund our hand delivered disaster relief missions.

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Collecting Toys for the victims of the California Wild Fires

Irene Roselli, Long Beach, NY

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To launch our toy drive, Irene led a team of local women to an abandoned toy store to collect toys for the California Wildfire Victims.

Wrapping and sorting at Waves of Hope Headquarters.


Once again we put out a call for help on social media and our call was answered on a chilly day in early December. 

Local families and friends lend a hand sorting and wrapping.


Special thank you to the WISH girls of Long Beach. The whole club came to show support for this mission to help others.

Floor Plan for the Toy Drive at St. Mary of the Isle

Make a donation or bring a NEW Wrapped toy for a child or a pet.

If you don't have time to wrap at home, we will have wrapping stations available for your convenience. If you would rather donate a gift card, please do so in increments of $25.00 or donate using PayPal at the link below to help with the truck expense. 


There is plenty to do to get this launched. Help man a Boxing station, Gift wrap, man a food and drink table. Help with the portrait station. Sign people in and give our santa hats, Help with the Arts and craft stations, organize... So much to do!!!

DONATE on Drive Days

WE Will Need wrapping paper, tape, Boxes, Boxes, Boxes, Scissors, markers, cookie and sweet treat donations and your cheerful holiday spirit! 

You may drop off supplies beforehand at 361 East Broadway. Please do not bring anything to the church before the Drive Days!!

Toy Drive at St. Mary of the Isle: Dec 14-16th 2017


Created a beautiful holiday portrait set at  St. Mary's and gave anyone who brought a gift a free portrait. They also sponsored a visit from Santa on load day.


Kamco Supply Corp. New york

Al and his team from Kamco donated all trucking materials and came in full force to help us box and load the truck with toys.

Kamco NY

Joan Duffy

By far our greatest fundraiser ever. She raised donations from local businesses and families and ran the raffles and 50/50. The Duffys also sponsored balloon art for the kids by PartiArt.

PartiArt Entertainment

Jacob LoCascio & Meghan Meyer Sing the National Anthem.

Two of our Long Beach, NY 7th graders with acting and singing skills led our load day with the National Anthem. We are honored that they shared their talents.

Special Thanks to ARBOR in Uniondale

ARBOR: Represented by: Melissa Candreva

Melissa Candreva took days off from work, donated luxury gifts for the raffles and brought in hundreds of dollars in gift cards from ARBOR. She made food donations every day and was a consistent comfort to have on collection days. We are proud to present our newest board member to Wave of Hope USA. We are humbled by your generosity ARBOR and Melissa Candreva. 


We flew out to California to help distribute the gifts.

Our Team in Napa, California - Setting up


We worked closely with Cal Fire of Napa, Christie Metzner of the St. Helena Chamber of Commerce, Belia Ramos of Fire Victims services and Father Mauro of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. 

Putting our gifts into the hands that needed them.


Our team in Napa made sure families directly affected by the fires were invited to select gifts. We made sure there were enough cool red bags for them to load up the gifts. 

Families effected by fires started coming in to select gifts

This family with three children went home with lots of hope for holdiay cheer.

Belia Ramos her team helped connect families who were effected by the wild fires with this Waves of Hope USA - Cal Fire event.

We gave each family these red sacks to collect gifts and keep things festive. 

People were glowing with excitement and grateful for the help.

Some people shared their stories of the fires and some people were effected by their places of work being shut down. Many were unable to collect pay during the recovery time. Many people are still looking for jobs to replace their previous source of income. But all who came to the event went home with gifts from Waves of Hope USA.

Help us continue our mission of hand delivering disaster relief.

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