St. Mary of the Isle - Father Brian

Local Sponsors



Al from Kamco walked into St. Mary's during the Hurricane Harvey collection and jumped right in. His Company, Kamco provided many of the supplies needed to load the 5 trucks full of donations. Kamco is again providing assistance getting the current Wild Fire Toy drive off the ground.

St. Mary of the Isle


Without St. Mary's and Father Brian none of this would be possible! They open their doors, host our events and give us guidance along the way. Father Brian is a beacon in the Long Beach community. 

Centre Millwork and Supply


Mike from Centre Millwork and Supply Co. Came down for two days and fork lifted the pallets onto the trucks to Texas.

Largavista Companies


Oscar Porcelli, Marcello Porcelli, Louis Fresolone and Adam Good of Largavista Companies pulled together a large monetary donation for us to spend at Home Depot on relief supplies. 

Paramount Packaging


Hal Alter of  Paramount Packaging 

saved the day with a donation of over 200 boxes!

Stop & Shop - Oceanside


Stop & Shop - Oceanside donated 5 palettes disaster relief supplies. 

Sarah Monaghan of Scout Design Shop Generously donated our Waves of Hope Logo Design!

Community Food Sponsors

Wild Feast


Wild Feast Foods

They served up a spread of wonderfull farm to table food for all the volunteers on loading day!

Gino's of Long Beach


Following Hurricane Sandy Gino's Gave away free pizza for a while and then 1/2 price until people got on their feet. The community loves them and they are good to the community! 

Long Island Bagel Cafe


The always busy Long Island Bagel Cafe found time to put out a beautiful breakfast spread for our volunteers. 

East End Cafe


East End Pizza

Sent down pizza to our volunteers 

Earth Arts


Tim and Michelle Kelly of Earth Arts are pillars in our community. They sponsored Brucie's Pizza for our working volunteers... They also sponsor many community charity events throughout the years at their art store on Park Avenue. 

Brixx & Barley


Our hungry volunteers gobbled up the donated delicious food selections from Brixx & Barley

Additional Community Sponsors

Long Beach Printing Company

Miranda of Long Beach Printing Company designed our gift card collection boxes that we placed around town and offered to shop for school supplies for our boys while we worked on the Harvey collection. 


Ripped East LB 

Dropped off some energizing protein bars to help get the volunteers through the days. 

The Dorothy Finn Foundation

Nora Kelleher of the Finn Foundation sponsored live music on the load day. It really brought everyone together to sing the national anthem in unison. 

William Paradiso and Associates

You never expect your personal accounting firm to show up and spend hours serving the volunteers. Thanks Billy of William Paradiso and Associates 

Pat Polaris

I will find this man's website!!! He brought down 51,000 units of Dove soap, body wash and shampoo! Somebody email me at if you know who he is. He refused to take credit for his beautiful contribution. 

James Lynch and Police Commisioner Michael Tagney

Special shout out to Jaime and Michael! They simply made things happen. Auxillary police to protect us at night, police escort our of town for our final truck. Pallets, expertise etc. etc. It was a comfort to have you both on the Waves of Hope team. 

Without YOU none of this would be possible!


Families that volunteer together will spend years together!

  • The Price Family
  • The Rychlowski Family
  • The Martinsen Family
  • The Kelleher Family
  • The Meyer Family
  • The Mushmann Family
  • The Warren Family
  • The Pedreira Family
  • The Salice-Bell Family
  • The Romano Family
  • The Miller Family
  • The LoCascio's (Chris and Cathy)
  • The Antonacci Family
  • The Green Family
  • The Rugolsky Family
  • The Kallelis Family
  • The Vosgonian-Macaluso Family
  • The Lesperance Famliy
  • The Kaminsky Family

Volunteers and Donors. There were so many more!!!

Beth Massey

Ann Marie Klosky

Jenny Luca

Steve Marrero

Phyllis Libutti

Denise ford

Ronnie Reimel

Leah Tozer

Todd Kaminski

Linda Irene Carroll

Anissa Moore

John Bendo

Joan Duffy

Pete Meyers

Scott McManus (Something Greek)

Denise Collins

Daniel Chiarmonte
Sandy Iver
James Boudreau
Jáck Murphy
Rich dumaresq
Bill Phillips
Tom jacoby
Anthony lampasona -
Chris Zappa
Kevin Kenny
Tara and Danny Garced
Charlie gambino
Anthony yellow (vest guy)
Angi vasques
Yeoman's, James
Tim Brosnan
Donna Nichtern
Pete O'Connor
Gabriel Ponessa  
John Michael Gary - do
Gerri Lynn goldchain
Andrew - Goldchain
Lauraine rehnback
Carolyn & Willie Gallow
Mary Diamond
Tom Redmond
Gerri maquet
Joni gibaldi
Maureeen Simpson
Gus costa
Danielle urrego
Chrsi Cronin
Jennifer bobe
Mindy Siegel
Carol marchesano
Maureen ferrick
Matt Amato
James  Lycnh
Peggy Pierri
Angie Vasquez
Ann weintraub
Chris lorenzen
Rachael gilmartin
Lisa Cornell
Samantha Gordon
Elisa Gordon
Eileen McCormick
Irene slatest
Lauren rates
Joe rafferty
Patt Waiser
Susan Schabes
Shannan ricoy
Alexis ricoy  
Joey ricoy
Mary Rodrigues
Anissa Moore
Madeline O'Connor
Long Beach Chemist
Joe brands
Blake Salice Mitchell
Jodi Lewis
Billy paradiso
Dough hut
Rita Rozo
Nina rugolsky
Diedre Mahmoud
John phelan
Rick Masto
Jáck Mccarthy
David santos
Bob holtcamp
Deidre delay
Pablo cano
Jenna Pettas
Mike Giotta
Daniel lamparter
Joe fera re
Christa  salice
Jimmy Lips
Mike Rubino
Nancy Golden
Margaret Nagle
Mark and Michael Allen
Sam Jay cox
Taylor Boyle 

Hayden Sofield

Laura Hassett
Jim staubitser
Tommy kalarikaitis
Pat mcchouglan
Tom Mundy (president trump )
Gypsy and Chris Morrissey
Jessie Farrell
Mary forese
Laura O'shaunessy
Soledad rozo
Tom Keirnan
Dolly Mao (vb)
Kim and Matt (volleyball)
Lori wroblewski
Eileen Costello
Maryann Mendez
John Mcguiness
Michael liflander
Michelle garone
Vincent Garone
Albert Prisco
Janine Sandmeyer
Gordon Sandmeyer
Darlene Tangney 

Coach Skarren (Bulldogs)
Ceasar Santis
Mike Tangney -LBPD-PC
Brands Deli
Joe and Carolyn Razza

Al and Diedra Rodriquez

Denise Carroll

Emma Carroll


  • When Nora and Waves of Hope came to the Humane Society of Aransas County last month and donated so many gift cards with encouraging personal messages written on them like “It will get better!” “Hang in there, it WILL get better!” It gave me and the other shelter volunteers a real shot that we sooooo badly needed! Now watching this video I see Long Beach went thru everything and worse with Sandy!!! Thank you ALL for giving so much to us and our community and most of all for giving us ALL a HUGE wave of hope!!🙏🏼🐾🐾💕
    Aileen (Humane Society Aransas County, Volunteer Coordinator)
  • Kevin Brown -As a volunteer from Arizona, it was an honor meeting the crew of Waves Of Hope.
    While continuing to do my part at JP and Sam's Rockport Rescue located here in Rockport, TX it was nice getting to know a couple of the friendly people of WOH! Thank you for what you are all doing. 
  • Dana Jackson - What an AMAZING blessing from your family to mine!! You are all such wonderful people for helping me and so many others during this time!! May God continue to bless YOU ALLLLLLLL!!!!! ��- Dana Jackson, ABI Houston, TX
  • Shannon Williams - Your generosity has totally overwhelmed me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Eddie Olvera -This show we have unity no matter what. We stick to together as human. We know lost and so did they. I like to thank y'all all
  • Alicia Cordova - Thank you so much for the love and support, it has been a blessing- Alicia - Houston Texas
  • Tracy Wolfe - I wanted to send a huge thank you for your assistance for my family after Hurricane Harvey!  It was truly appreciated and so incredibly helpful!!
  • Liz Parks - I received 2 25dollar gift cards from a friend from y'all.  I wanted to thank you guys so much. It means a lot to us. We lost our home and contents and just got turned down today on a mobile home loan. Not sure what my next step is .going to finish clearing our property and pray something miraculous happens . But while I was thinking about it,I wanted to send out this thank you.  I'll pay it forward some how.
  • Doris Robles - Thank y all so much for the help!! Y'all gave my small family a little hope in this dark time of our life.
  • Marcie Slaughter - Thank you so much, I have noticed a lot of big people have focused on Houston itself and by all means they need help but it really seems small towns have somewhat been forgotten it seems. I have worked with a couple groups since the beginning trying to help get more help go them... Thank you so much for considering the smaller towns as well as Houston. May God bless you for your generosity.